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The Village Boat Project

Mombasa, Kenya

A little background. When I was about 11 years old I met a man from Africa in Ocean Springs, MS. I was intrigued by his accent, his dark skin and the things he spoke regarding his homeland. That day changed my life and I believe that God had planted a seed in me to one day visit Africa. At the time I did not know how big Africa was or where I was to visit, I just knew that I was to go one day.


Fast forward 40 years and by the grace of God my family and I from Galloway Family Farm & Education Center just recently returned Monday, 19 July 2021 from her Family Reunion and traveling in Kenya. I was WOWed by the work ethics of the people, the beauty of the country and I could see and hear clearly the prayers of the people we came in contact with in the village where my wife attended primary school and in a village in the Mombasa, Kenya area. These prayers have been prayed unto Our Heavenly Father over the years and I feel strongly that our family came just in time to answer some and to assist in seeing them answered to the fullness. Our Heavenly Father place a strong burden on me and my wife for these 2 villages to help get their basic daily needs met.


The Village Boat Project is the beginning of 3 Projects we at Galloway Family Farm & Education Center have embarked upon to help the 2 villages but beginning with the Mombasa Village Brothers to acquire a 32 foot glass bottom, multi-touring, snorkeling, fishing, and youth training boat to help change the lives of over 150 people which makes up 3 generations of people. The village people we fellowshipped with in the Mombasa area are a people of the sea and land. They are a God Fearing, Hard Working, Family Loving, Nature Preserving, Eco-conscience people. We were honored to be in there presence for 3 beautiful life changing days, but like may other villages in Kenya, they lack capital! We simply ask that you partner with us and ask Our Heavenly Father what you should give to see their needs met.


For more details please feel free to give me as call at (315) 408-2612 or visit our website and Facebook page.


Sincerely Tracy G


Thank You for Supporting The Village Boat Project

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