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Support Local Farming and Your Family’s Health!

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Community Supported Agriculture

Farm fresh vegetables and fruit harvested locally, our CSA boxes promote healthy eating habits and support the local family farm movement.

CSA’s are a true “Farm to Table” community food program. Can you answer these questions about your food:

  • Where did this food came from?

  • Do I know the farmer who grew it?

  • Can I see the place it was grown?

Here at Galloway Family Farm there are no long haul trucks, warehouses or artificial ripening processes.  We pick it, wash it, pack it and you receive it all in 1-2 days, not weeks.

CSA’s are a partnership! The farmer and the member share risk and reward. Your subscription allows us to depend on a stream of income to purchase seeds and supplies for the next season.   In return, we supply you with an abundance of fresh, healthy produce all year long!

There are many choices for produce boxes and meal kits. What are the differences and how do I choose?

Imagine going home with your CSA box and wondering what’s inside?  Do any of the following describe you?

  • I want vegetables and fruits harvested at peak ripeness.

  • Cooking is an adventure.

  • I can find a way to use carrot tops!

  • I value farmers who respect the environment, their customers, and their employees

  • I don’t mind the occasional hitch hiking slug on the greens if it means not using harsh chemicals.

  • The time spent preparing a nutritious meal is enjoyable to me.

  • I’ll take the challenge of finding the 12th recipe for kale!

  • I’m a Locavore and know that not getting summer veggies in my winter CSA box is how nature intended.

If any of these sound like you, then you are a good fit to become a CSA member! Just the freshest veggies in town, straight from the earth into your kitchen!

The Produce

  • We use all responsible farming methods using organic materials and planting methods.

  • We do not plant GMO seeds.

  • The freshly picked produce is grown by Galloway Family Farms.

  • We harvest daily so your CSA box has the freshest produce in town.

  • Boxes are not customizable since selection is based on what is ready to harvest that week.

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